13 July 2012

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  1. Doers of darkness, we are happy to announce that [personal profile] arobynsung, [personal profile] snowynight and [personal profile] yifu are joining the [community profile] dark_agenda mod team! Please join us in welcoming them aboard. We look forward to working together to improve your experiences with our challenges and our community. :)

  2. Our apologies to those who contacted us about promoting challenges and communities of interest on [community profile] dark_agenda. We have been very slow in our communications and as a result, we've updated our policy to explicitly welcome promotions of communities, challenges and projects that, in accordance with [community profile] dark_agenda's goals, focus on or actively encourage inclusion of chromatic sources, characters and people. There's no need to privately contact us, but if you are unsure about a specific challenge, community or project, you can still contact us via PM ([personal profile] dark_administrator/[livejournal.com profile] darkadmn) or email us at darkadmn@gmail.com.

  3. Finally, please stay tuned for this year's Kaleidoscope fanwork exchange! We are still discussing the details, but we hope to have some information for you soon!

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