3 September 2012

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Hello, doers of darkness -- As you're strategizing for Kaleidoscope sign-ups, here are some works originally published online or have been made available online for your further consideration, and check out our post highlighting sources from underrepresented regions as well.

We try to limit ourselves to mostly linking to legal sources or to works out of copyright or not licensed for English distributions, and most of the links have regional restrictions. Posts like How To Access BBC iPlayer And More Online Video Internationally For Free, How to access BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Fancast, Pandora, any other region-restricted sites, On The Internet, Nobody Knows You're Not In The USA and Using BBC iPlayer, Spotify or Hulu internationally offer advices on how to bypass regional restrictions. Our locked source-sharing resource post also provides links to ambigously legal places where you may be able access some of the works listed below if you are unable to access them due to regional restrictions (and some works not listed below, but nominated for Kaleidoscope).

Works With (Limited) Online Access )

Are there other nominated works that you know can be accessed online? We also welcome links in non-English language or your own posts promoting any of the nominated works, and of course feel free to flail about the awesomeness of any nominated sources in the comments.

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