13 September 2012

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Doers of darkness, the deadline to sign up for Kaleidoscope is September 15! We currently have 28 participants signed up so far. If you would like to participate in this year's challenge, please be aware that sign-ups are closing at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. You can find our sign-ups tutorial at How to Sign-Up for Kaleidoscope, and check our handy countdown clock here.

For those of you who are considering sign-ups or are still finalizing your sign-ups, here's a list of fandoms in need of offers for your consideration:

Fandoms in need of offers )

Other fandoms offered )

Check out also our posts highlighting sources from underrepresented regions and easy to offer fandoms.

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Thank you, doers of darkness, for linking us to your Dear Doers of Darkess letter. You can find a roundup of Dear Doers of Darkness letters below! Please feel free to continue to drop us links to your letters in the comments. We will be updating this list.

List of Dear Doers of Darkness Letters

Last updated: 2012 October 28.

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