19 September 2013

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The Archive of Our Own has posted a list of proposed category changes here. These changes include providing a way to search by source language and source nationality.

It's interesting because [community profile] dark_agenda was one of the first fannish places to introduce those distinctions into categorising fandoms. There are several commenters on that post who don't get why anyone would want to sort in such a way.

If you use AO3 for reading/posting fic, you might want to go over and give your own feedback to their proposed changes, because it will be good for them to hear from a diverse range of fans.
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Looking for a fun, easy, no pressure icon challenge? [community profile] chromicons is back again hosting a seven week icon challenge. All you have to do to participate is create a minimum of ten icons fulfilling the round's challenge, each featuring a person/character of color. Enter at any time, it is not necessary to participate every week.