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Submit a Support Request for AO3 to Change Fandoms to Original Language Title

[personal profile] dhobikikutti made a post last year about AO3 tags no longer limited to Roman scripts. The guideline for wrangling Transliterated/Non-Latin Alphabet Fandom Titles has been implemented for more than a year and it's not clear, but AO3 will not change existing fandoms to include the original language title unless there is a support ticket requesting the change.

[community profile] dark_agenda has always promoted being accessible to users who occupy different spectrum of linguistic fluency and knowledge. We believe archive tagging systems for fandoms should prioritize users for whom an original source language is part of their heritage culture(s) and who occupy different positions on the spectrum of fluency.

AO3 has more than a year to test their new guideline for non-Latin language fandoms and as chromatic fans and users of AO3, we think it's critical for AO3 to continue to understand the importance of being diverse, accessible and open to international, indigenous and disporian fans who have different degrees of English fluency and of fluency in their fandom language source(s). We believe it is important that fandom tags should at least include the original language title.

If you would like an existing fandom tag on AO3 to include the original language title, please consider submitting a Support request:

  1. Go to http://archiveofourown.org/support
  2. Fill out a Support request:

    What is your feedback about: [Select Tags under the drop-down menu]
    Brief summary (required): Add [ORIGINAL LANGUAGE TITLE] in [FANDOM TAG]
    Your comment (required):
    Hi Support,

    As an AO3 user, I support the inclusion of original source language in tags. Could you change [FANDOM TAG] to add [ORIGINAL LANGUAGE TITLE]? Thank you for your help!

    [- signed fan of tags in original source language]

Additionally, if you noticed tags in Chinese-language source fandoms that used a circumflex accent (ˆ) in place of a macron accent (¯) for transliterated tags, please consider submitting a Support request for AO3 to change the accent mark.

An example of a Support request:

What is your feedback about Tags
Brief summary (required) Add 赤壁 in Chìbì | Red Cliff (2008) fandom tag and correct macron accent (¯)
Your comment (required) Hi Support,

As an AO3 user, I support the inclusion of original source language in tags. Could you change Chìbì | Red Cliff (2008) to add 赤壁? http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Chì%20bì%20%7C%20Red%20Cliff%20(2008)

In addition, for tags like Cáo Câo, could you correct the circumflex accent (ˆ) to macron accent (¯), e.g. Cáo Cāo?

Thank you for your help,
-A fan of tags in original source language

AO3 Support currently can answer queries in the following languages: العربية, Bahasa Indonesia, català, čeština, Deutsch, español, français, 한국어, italiano, Kiswahili, magyar, Nederlands, polski, português, Русский, suomi, svenska, Türkçe, 中文. It would be cool if you have knowledge in any of the above languages to submit a request in that language. It will take awhile for AO3 to make the change due to server load issues, but, hopefully, the Support request will be addressed.

Addendum I: Per [personal profile] samjohnsson's comments, we are encouraged to contact AO3 Wrangling team directly at [twitter.com profile] ao3_wranglers about our requests so if you have Twitter, that is one contact avenue.

We also started a thread to list and keep track of fandoms for which we'll be submitting requests so feel free to add yours. Please consolidate your requests if possible when submitting to AO3.

Addendum II: The following proposal was submitted to AO3: Add Original Language Titles in Existing Fandoms.

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[personal profile] wistfuljane 2014-10-16 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
To note, here are fandoms for which I'll initially sending Support requests:

- 赤壁 for Chì bì | Red Cliff (2008)
- 花木兰 & Huā Mùlán for Huâ Mùlán | Mulan (2009)
- 黒子のバスケ for Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
- 西游记 & Xī Yóu Jì for Xî yóu jì | Journey to the West - Wú Cheng'en

Please feel free to adding fandoms for which you're planning to submitting Support requests or if you would like me to include in my Support requests!

ETA: From reading Tag Wrangling Volunteer Recruitments:

- Huán Zhū Gégé for 还珠格格 | Huán Zhû Gé Gé | Princess Returning Pearl
- 三國 & Sān Guó for Sân guó | Three Kingdoms (TV 2010)
- 三國演義 & Sān Guó Yǎn Yì for Sân guó yǎn yì | Romance of the Three Kingdoms - All Media Types, Sân guó yǎn yì | Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Luó Guànzhông, Sân guó yǎn yì | Romance of the Three Kingdoms (TV 1994) and Three Kingdoms History & Adaptations - All Media Types

As well as:
Hine-nui-te-pō, Papatūānuku, Rongomātāne, Tāne Mahuta, Tāwhirimātea & Tūmatauenga for Polynesian Mythology
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