30 August 2012

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Hello, doers of darkness! The dispute period closes tomorrow, August 31, and sign-ups will open soon after. If you think a nominated fandom or character is ineligible for Kaleidoscope, please open a dispute at Kaleidoscope Disputes, and refer to how to open a dispute for instructions.

So far, we've mainly received disputes concerning the rarity of nominated fandoms. To review, our criteria for rarity are:

  • less than 1,500 English-language stories on major multifandom archives;
  • less than 15,000 artworks, 100 podfics and 350 vids (in any languages) on major multifandom archives;
  • no dedicated fandom-specific challenge that has run annually for more than two years in a row;
  • and no dedicated fandom-specific archive or community that has more than 1,500 fanworks.

Several of our nominated fandoms would be disqualified based on the numbers for one type of fanwork, even though they would be considered rare for other fanwork types. Last year, the moderating team required that fandoms be rare for all types of fanworks mentioned in our rarity criteria. If we keep this rule, out of the nominations that were disputed or double-checked by the moderating team so far, the following fandoms would be ineligible for Kaleidoscope )

We designed our rarity criteria to take into account the trends in both production and consumption of fanworks in English-language fandom, and due to the multimedia nature of our challenge, we think that it is fair to look at such trends across all fanwork types where it is feasible to do so.

However, this year, we have raised the number of minimum fandom offers for sign-ups from three to five fandoms. Thus, we are willing to revisit our policy on rarity and consider keeping fandoms that would pass our rarity criteria for all but one fanwork type. E.g. if a fandom is rare for artworks, podfics and English-language stories, but not rare for vids, it would not be rejected.

We would like to ask the [community profile] dark_agenda community for their thoughts so that we can arrive at a decision before opening sign-ups.

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