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Kaleidoscope: Masterlist of promotion posts

Hello doers of darkness! As nominations progress and people continue to spread the word about their potential picks for Kaleidoscope, we'd like to take the opportunity to solicit links to any promotion posts you may have seen or created.

For the purposes of our masterlist, promotion posts may include: picspams, meta, essays, character discussions, or some combination thereof.

The following list includes links from the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 masterlist of promotion posts and some other posts we've already noted; please feel free to drop more in the comments!

And remember to check our promotion fest for more links!

Masterlist of Kaleidoscope Fandom Promotion Posts

Appa-ga Yeoja-reul Johahae | Lady Daddy
» [personal profile] anenko: Picspam: Lady Daddy

» [personal profile] ranalore: Yuletide pimping post: Anyband (includes embedded video clips)

The Autograph Man
» [personal profile] seekingferret: The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith (review)

Baram-eui Hwawon | Painter of the Wind
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Painter of the Wind: Art, eroticism, lesbians, murder. I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille. (picspam)

» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: BOSS: She'll chew you up and spit you out and you'll only wish you lasted as long as Spearmint. (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] miss_magrat: BOSS: Japan does Criminal Minds. Remains fabulous while doing so. (picspam)

Buzzer Beat
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Buzzer Beat: Yamapi scores. Repeatedly. Sometimes even on the court. (picspam)

Capital Scandal
» [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe: . . . I was going to make this a general (includes embedded video clip)
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Capital Scandal: Jitterbugging to national freedom and gunfights! (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] dharmavati: The Colors of Capital Scandal (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] shineaurorarose: Drama Nomination-Pimp-Picspam-thing
» [livejournal.com profile] inshore: Why should you watch Capital Scandal?
» [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie: Capital Scandal: if you watch only one kdrama, make it this one. The mother of all drama posts... (spoilers)
» [livejournal.com profile] shewhohashope: Capital Scandal

Chak De! India (2007)
» [personal profile] dharmavati: Yuletide Fandom Promotion: Chak De! India (2007)
» [personal profile] littlebutfierce: movie rec: chak de! india

» [personal profile] dhobikikutti: Pimp post: Chanakya (commentary; includes links)

Chì bì | Red Cliff
» [personal profile] crossedwires: red cliff, part i: a picspam

Cì Qîng | Spider Lilies (2007)
» [personal profile] trascendenza: ladiesbigbang picspam (4/5): Spider Lilies

Cinderella Unni | Cinderella's Sister
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Cinderella's Sister: Fuck you all, she doesn't fucking want your glass slippers. (picspam)

» [personal profile] inkstone: Things You Should Check Out: Claymore (overview/commentary; includes embedded video clips)

Coffee Prince
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Coffee Prince: Living the dream of punching your boss in the face! (picspam)
» [personal profile] topazera: Six Reasons Coffee Prince is Completely Addictive (picspam)

Cheon Sang Ji Hee (CSJH)
» [livejournal.com profile] snape_freak: CSJH The Grace Pimp Post Part 1 (link at the end to second part; includes embedded video clips and picspam)

Darker than Black
» [personal profile] amaresu: Darker Than Black Primer/Pimp Post: The Show About Assassins With Super Powers

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
» [personal profile] aris_tgd: Picspam: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

» [personal profile] tevere: Dostana (2008): Pimping post!

Full House (2004)
» [personal profile] anenko: Full House picspams
» [livejournal.com profile] biases: HOUSE FULL OF HORROR (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] topazera: Five Reasons You Should Watch Full House (No, not that Full House.) (picspam)

» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Galileo: Fighting crime in business casual. (picspam)

Gangjeok-deul | Powerful Opponents
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Powerful Opponents: Love hurts, especially when your girlfriend can flip you over her shoulder. (picspam)

Gen X Cops
» [livejournal.com profile] bossymarmalade: dak ging san yan lui (gen x cops) | dir. benny chan | 1999 (includes picspam)

» [personal profile] anenko: Gokusen picspams (drama)
» [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe: So Becca, what did you do this weekend (manga; includes picspam)

» [personal profile] anenko: Picspam: Goth (violent imagery)

Goyangi-reul Butakhae | Take Care of My Cat
» [personal profile] lastwingedthing: Take Care of My Cat pimping post! (overview & picspam)

Hana Yori Dango | Boys Over Flowers (TV)
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Hana Yori Dango: The sixth character is the poor animal sacrificed to create Doumyouji's hair. (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] aliaspiral: Fandom Pitch: Hana Yori Dango (picspam)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Ikemen Paradise | Hana-Kimi (TV)
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Hanakimi: Crack, cosplay, boykissing, and more gratuitous male nudity than you can imagine! (J-drama; picspam)

Hayate x Blade
» [personal profile] effex: The Hayate X Blade Guide to Idiots (overview, includes picspam)

Huâ Mùlán | Mulan
» [personal profile] anenko: mulan (2009) picspams
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Mulan: In the land of Mordor where China lies... one crossdresser to rule them all. (picspam)
» [personal profile] marina: Yeah no seriously why am I not asleep? (commentary; includes picspam)
» [personal profile] wistfuljane: Adding to the Rave: Mu Lan (2009) (commentary; includes links to trailer, downloads, & other reaction posts)

Ikebukuro West Gate Park
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: IWGP: Serious speculation on Nagase Tomoya's penis: now canon-endorsed! (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] grey_fuzzy: IWGP (picspam)

» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: IRIS: A RAMBO TEDDY BEAR MEETS HIS DESTINY. (picspam)

Joheun-nom nappeun-nom isanghan-nom | The Good The Bad and The Weird
» [personal profile] aris_tgd: The Good The Bad The Weird Picspam! (Or: Park Do-won is one sexy cowboy.)

Juuni Kokki | The Twelve Kingdoms
» [livejournal.com profile] izilen: 10 Reasons to Read The Twelve Kingdoms

K-20: Kaijin nijuu mensou den | K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces
» [personal profile] aris_tgd: K-20: The Fiend With 20 Faces (picspam!)

» [personal profile] littlebutfierce: yuletide promo post: k-on! (the world needs more images of girls rocking out YES) (includes picspam)

Kaze Hikaru
» [livejournal.com profile] innervoice_chan: Fandom Pitch: Kaze Hikaru

Kisarazu Cat's Eye
» [livejournal.com profile] linear_flower: Fandom Pitch: Kisarazu Cat's Eye

Kurobara Alice | Black Rose Alice
» [personal profile] thuviaptarth: Yuletide Fandoms #2: Black Rose Alice (includes picspam)

Last Exile
» [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine: Last Exile? More Like Vast Sex Aisle!

Liáo zhâi zhì yì | Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio - Pú Sônglíng
» [livejournal.com profile] quillori: Fandom Pitch - Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (commentary; includes links to various translations)

Long Love Letter
» [personal profile] anenko: long love letter picspams
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Long Love Letter: Go green or destine your descendents to telepathic spider ninjas (picspam)

Minamishineyo | You're Beautiful
» [livejournal.com profile] brokendartist: You're Beautiful picspam (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] filmi_girl: You're Beautiful - Pimp/Discussion Post (Episodes 1-6) (picspam)

» [livejournal.com profile] woodburner: Mononoke - a rec, some icons, and some fic links! (picspam, icons, and fic recs)

Nae Ireum-eun Gim Sam-sun | My Lovely Sam Soon
» [personal profile] trascendenza: ladiesbigbang picspam (3/5): My Name is Kim Sam Soon
» [personal profile] wistfuljane: Rec: My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (overview/commentary; includes one embedded video clip, links to downloads and streaming sites)

» [personal profile] thuviaptarth: Yuletide Fandoms #1: Nabi (includes picspam)

Pǐ zǐ yīng xióng | Black & White
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Black & White: Not a mob! Just a legitimate business that kills people! (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] sang_doo: pimp!entry: Black & White (痞子英雄) (picspam)

Pi-eui Junggan'gosa | Death Bell
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Death Bell: What happens when you combine Battle Royale and Saw. (picspam)

» [livejournal.com profile] meredyd: Meredith Tells You What's Up: PlanetES (includes picspam)

Princess Tutu
» [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine: Princess Tutu? More Like Ballet Ballet Revolution!

Qing Hua Ci (Music Video) - Jay Chou
» [personal profile] springgreen: Nomination #1: Jay Chou's "Qing Hua Ci" music video (commentary; embedded source, lyrics & English translation included)

Sarai-ya Goyou | House of Five Leaves
» [livejournal.com profile] baticeer: Pimp: House of Five Leaves (overview; includes links & some picspam)

Saving Face
» [personal profile] ciderpress: saving face picspam (1/2) (includes intro essay; very extensive picspam but with spoiler text blacked out; part 2 linked at the end)
» [personal profile] glass_icarus: Saving Face! (picspam)

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin | Occult Academy
» [personal profile] inkstone: Occult Academy 01: Maya's Prophecy (picspam)

Seirei no Moribito | Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
» [personal profile] dharmavati: Yuletide Fandom Promotion: Seirei no Moribito | Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten | Antique Bakery & Seoyang'goldong'yang'gwajajeom Antique | Antique
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Antique Bakery: IT'S RAINING MEN! And they'll give you CAKE! (K-movie; picspam)

Shimotsuma Monogatari | Kamikaze Girls
» [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn: Movie rec: Kamikaze Girls (includes picspam)

Shin Amhaeng'eosa | Shin Angyo Onshi
» [personal profile] inkstone: Random Rec: Shin Angyo Onshi (overview/commentary)

Skip Beat!
» [personal profile] anenko: Pimping: Skip Beat! (1-9) (includes picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] grimorie: [manga] Skip Beat (Vol 1-22) (includes picspam)
» [profile] shaenon: New Smithson! (includes picspam)

Keizoku 2: SPEC
» [profile] darkeyedwolf: SPEC: Crime, fantasy, and romantic non-romance, or if Fringe had a baby with MR. BRAIN

Sukkar banat | Caramel
» [personal profile] livrelibre: Caramel (commentary; includes non-embedded link to youtube trailer)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
» [personal profile] dharmavati: Yuletide Fandom Promotion: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
» [livejournal.com profile] phrenk: Asian drama happiness and love (episodes picspam)
» [personal profile] topazera: An Introduction to Sungkyunkwan Scandal (by way of my twenty favorite caps from episode two!) (picspam)

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu | The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
» [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? More Like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Crisis!

Taewangsashin'gi | The Legend
» [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe: untitled (picspam)
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Legend: Because we all know Bae Yong Joon is God, anyway. (picspam)
» [personal profile] dharmavati: Untitled (picspam)

Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu
» [personal profile] maat_seshat: Discussions on Tale of Genji

Tiger & Dragon
» [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf: Tiger & Dragon: Where the only thing louder than the cast is the gay. (picspam)

» [personal profile] terajk: What is She?: A Tomie Picspam

» [personal profile] littlebutfierce: kaleidoscope promo post: tumbling - or why your life needs more men's rhythmic gymnastics in it (includes picspam & one embedded video clip)

White Is for Witching - Helen Oyeyemi
» [personal profile] starlady: White Is for Witching.

Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo
» [personal profile] snowynight: Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo overview

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terajk: Ryoga, grabbing Ranma by his pajama-top and shouting: "Do you remember where my house is?!" (tomie: looking up at the sky)

Tomie promotion post!

[personal profile] terajk 2011-08-29 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
What is She?: A Tomie picspam (NSFW, underage nudity, violence, gore, grotesquerie, vore)
littlebutfierce: (chak de india play like a girl)

[personal profile] littlebutfierce 2011-08-30 01:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I also did a Chak De! India post if you want to link?
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[personal profile] aris_tgd 2011-09-05 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
I just finished a picspam for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Which is now in very limited theatrical release in the US, so hopefully it will be able to be seen by more people!
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[personal profile] seekingferret 2011-09-07 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
A review of The Autograph Man:


I'm not sure the things I've written about the other fandoms I've nominated are coherent enough to serve as enticements.
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I just wrote a primer/pimp post for Darker Than Black here: http://amaresu.dreamwidth.org/456123.html
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I put together a picspam for Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars) on my LJ a few months ago: here's the link.
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