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Reminder: Default Deadlines

Hello doers of darkness! Kaleidoscope default deadlines are fast approaching: the deadline for those creating artwork, FSTs, graphics, podfic, or vids is October 5 (PDT), while the deadline for those creating fic is October 12 (PDT). You may default for any reasons and at any points during the challenge by selecting the Default button under your Kaleidoscope assignment page.

Once again, for those of you interested in pinch-hitting, our mailing list can be found at Kaleidoscope Pinch-Hits. In addition, here is a repost of resource links:
And as always, if you need an Archive of Our Own account invite for Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats, please leave your email at Archive Of Our Own Invite List For Kaleidoscope, and if you need file hosting, please contact us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com.

How are you doing on your assignments? Questions, concerns, flailing? ;) Feel free to comment anonymously!

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