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Pinch Hit #4 & Beta Requests

Hi doers of darkness, we're still looking for a volunteer for pinch hit #4 and would deeply appreciate your help in signal-boosting! Below are the details of the pinch hit and if you are interested in claiming the pinch hit, please email darkadmn AT gmail DOT com with your AO3 username (or if you don't have an account, send us your email address & we'll send you an AO3 invite for the pinch-hit claim). ETA: Pinch Hit #4 claimed!

Recipient: Moontyger
Dear Doer of Darkness Letter: http://moontyger.dreamwidth.org/754373.html

Puropōzu Daisakusen | プロポーズ大作戦 | Operation Love (TV 2007)
Tags: Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character

If you're writing fanfiction, I see so many possibilities for stories because of the time travel element here. For example, all the changes Ken is making has to affect the others - they're around for a lot of them. How does it affect them? What do/don't they notice? What about changes we don't see? I'd love to see any of these time jumps from their point of view.

You could also consider how this affects his past self - something the fairy said about this made me wonder. When he jumps back, does the self he left behind remember what he's done? Does he remember why? What does he make of the 'I've come back from the future' stuff he's said? Honestly, a "day after" fic for any of the time jumps could be amazing. Or maybe something about what it's like for him now; his memories probably no longer exactly match what happened, perhaps in some surprising ways.

As for the fairy, if you'd rather write about him - he clearly sees the changes Ken makes. How does that work? What is it like for him? What has his past been like? Does he do this often?

Other possibilities could be considering the question of whether or not Rei (or anyone) would have been better off had Ken not changed anything. Would she have been happier or not? Or maybe a fic about their future if the fairy had never appeared could be interesting. And, of course, just plain future fic would be awesome, too, or even something that combines different possible outcomes.

As for fanvids, while I know vids are not slideshows, the slideshow was so important in this drama that I thought something playing with that concept could be really interesting.

Fanmixes, you probably don't need my help here. This drama just seemed suited to the medium. Maybe a song for each picture he changed or each time period? But that's just a thought.

Sun Sword - Michelle West
Tags: Teresa di'Marano, Fanfiction

Teresa is one of my favorite characters in this series; I'd love just about anything about her. Just a few ideas: maybe something about her early contact with the Voyani, maybe how she knew Yolanna or Evallen. Or how (and why) she learned to summon the Kovaschii.

While I'm only asking for Teresa herself, stories with her and some of the other nominated characters could be fascinating, too. Maybe a story about Sendari and Teresa when they were young? Or a missing scene with Teresa and Diora, either from Diora's childhood or maybe their journey on the Sea of Sorrows? Or even something with Teresa and Alina. They've both made choices that changed the entire expected course of their lives; I can see a lot of possibilities there.

Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan | とある科学の超電磁砲 | A Certain Scientific Railgun
Tags: Konori Mii | 固法 美偉, Saten Ruiko | 佐天 涙子, Fanfiction

While I like all the characters in Railgun, these two are my favorites. Konori is always there in the background and we only get those few episodes about her. I'd love to see more - maybe how she came to Academy City or what Judgement means to her. Maybe even just something about what it's like to be a girl with X-ray vision. Showing some of the events from her point of view could be interesting, too.

As for Saten, I'd love future fic. I do ship her with Uiharu, but you don't have to if you'd prefer not. Does she ever develop that ability she had with the Level Upper? Or, alternatively, Index and the fact that she was unaffected by Capacity Down made me wonder if she could learn magic.

Obviously you do not have to write about these two together, but I wouldn't mind if you did. Maybe they have to deal with something/solve a case together, for whatever reason? Or maybe they just hung out together sometime when Uiharu wasn't at the Judgement office - that could be fun, too.

Urutora Maniakku | ウルトラマニアック | Ultra Maniac
Tags: Sakura Nina | 佐倉仁菜, Tateishi Ayu | 立石亜由, Fanfiction

I'll admit right up front that I prefer the manga to the anime, but I'm familiar with both, so feel free to use either.

I'd love to see more about the Magic Kingdom - we get so many tantalizing details, but there's a lot we don't see. Maybe Ayu could go visit Nina there? Or maybe she could be an exchange student for a semester! I would still prefer her to be in the fic, too. (And I adore Ayu/Nina, but they can be just friends if that doesn't work for you.)

Alternately, I'd love future fic here, too. Remember that aging spell? It would be interesting to see what they're really like at that age, when it's natural and not just a spell. What are their lives like? How have they changed?

Baempaieo Geomsa | 뱀파이어 검사 | Vampire Prosecutor
Tags: Yu Jeong-in | 유정인, Fanfiction

Yu Jeong-in is absolutely amazing and I would love a story about her. Maybe more about how she became a prosecutor? A case where she's the lead instead of Tae-yeon! Or maybe more of her perspective on one of the cases in the show, or something where she's finally figuring out the secrets being kept from her. How does she react once she knows the truth?

We also have a beta request for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame and/or Tang Dynasty history and period culture. The work is a slightly f/f story and will be ready for beta in the next day or so. For the fandom beta request, the writer is looking for a beta on characterization; and for the cultural beta request, the writer is looking for a beta on historical and cultural errors not already present in canon. If you are interested in beta-ing for the fandom and/or the period culture, please email darkadmn AT gmail DOT com with your contact information.

And we have another beta request for a Midnight's Children story at Kaleidoscope 2012 Beta Resources.

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