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dark_administrator ([personal profile] dark_administrator) wrote in [community profile] dark_agenda2012-10-28 08:23 am


Hello doers of darkness, we would like to apologize again that creators were revealed early and that anonymity was spoiled for most of us. As has been updated by [personal profile] dhobikikutti (thank you, [personal profile] dhobikikutti!), anonymity has been restored thanks to the AO3 team, but recipients will have received an email notification with their assigned participant's AO3 username attached and AO3 members who subscribed to a particular creator will have received a similar email notification. We are so sorry, doers of darkness.

However, with anonymity restored, many of us would like that anonymity to remain for those of us who still don't know some of the creators' identity so we ask everyone to try our best to keep ours and other participants' super secret identity a secret (to quote one participant). :) We appreciate your help and apologize for the inconveniences!

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