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Dhobi Ki Kutti ([personal profile] dhobikikutti) wrote in [community profile] dark_agenda2013-06-18 10:50 pm

AO3 Tags no longer limited to Roman scripts

From the latest news post:
The Archive now has improved features for wrangling fandom tags, however, so we've changed our guidelines for wrangling them. Starting immediately, we'll be wrangling fandom tags in all languages as "Original Language Title | Translated English Title", using the original language's writing system. (For fandoms which do commonly use the transliterated titles, such as many anime and manga fandoms, the canonicals will be in the form "Original Language Title | Transliterated Title [| Translated English Title (if it exists)

Which I think is catching up to the care and concern the Dark Agenda mods put into inclusive tagging when they ran Kaleidoscope on AO3. Hopefully this year Kaleidoscope will feature fandoms in languages with scripts that are new to AO3; I'd especially like to see how Arabic and Farsi get dealt with.

(Of course everyone is free to go in and start editing tags to previous stories to give the hard-working tag wranglers more material to test the new feature with.)