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Jane ([personal profile] wistfuljane) wrote in [community profile] dark_agenda 2014-10-16 03:49 am (UTC)

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the updates. I understand about the server loads and the bugs that AO3 is experiencing. I understand that it will take a long time for many of these change requests to be implemented, but personally speaking, I do want to clarify several things that were driving this post. Our goals are to:

  • Encourage AO3 to establish a goal to add original language titles to existing non-Latin language source fandoms
  • Show AO3 that we as chromatic fans support the inclusion of original source language in tags and of AO3 actively and continuously addressing the past, present and future concerns of chromatic fans on AO3 being diverse, accessible and open to us and other chromatic fans

It's not a matter of how long it will take to implement the changes, although that is obviously a major concern, but rather that we hope that AO3 has set and strive to achieve a goal for adding original language titles to existing non-Latin language and for them to be communicative about this goal within and outside the organization. We hope, as a whole, AO3 has set goals for each quarter and each year to accomplish projects that make AO3 more diverse, accessible and open to chromatic fans and that they again have been communicative about these goals within and outside the organization.

But it speaks volume about the goals of AO3 that this post has to be made and, thus, why this post was made in the first place.

I'm sure you understand the situation as well as the goals of this post and our community, but I just want to clarify them in cases there are any confusion.

I appreciate you for directly reaching out to us and thank you for your help. I sympathize with the works you encountered as an AO3 Support Chair.

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