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Hello doers of darkness! As nominations progress and people continue to spread the word about their potential picks for Kaleidoscope, we'd like to take the opportunity to solicit links to any promotion posts you may have seen or created.

For the purposes of our masterlist, promotion posts may include: picspams, meta, essays, character discussions, or some combination thereof.

The following list includes links from the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 masterlist of promotion posts and some other posts we've already noted; please feel free to drop more in the comments!

And remember to check our promotion fest for more links!

Masterlist of Kaleidoscope Fandom Promotion Posts )

Last updated: September 10 2011

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Hello doers of darkness -- Remix Redux 9: Love Potion No. 9 is live! Here's a list of [archiveofourown.org profile] remix stories that feature chromatic characters, excluding Remix Madness 2011 stories (more details here) which are not yet live.

ETA 5/3/11: Remix Madness stories have now been added; we welcome any corrections and/or additions.

Happy reading!

List of Chromatic Remix Redux 9 Stories )

Last Updated: 7 May 2011.
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Hello doers of darkness -- it's with heavy hearts that we announce the departure of [personal profile] dhobikikutti as moderator of [community profile] dark_agenda. We can never thank her enough for carving this tiny corner of fannish space and inspiring us to do more and better.

In other news, there's about one week before Remix Redux 9 stories are due. We hope that writing is going well!

Meanwhile, here's a list of stories from our drabblefest. Thank you again to all those who participated, especially those who helped us with the list of chromatic remix characters and wrote stories for our fest!

List of Chromatic Remix 2011 Drabblefest Prompts & Stories )
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Remix Redux has announced their provisional list of qualifying fandoms for Round 9 and like last year, we'll be hosting a drabble fest and sub-challenge with a goal of increasing the presence of chromatic characters in remix stories. (We're currently brainstorming ideas for possible prompts and themes for the drabble fest so if there are specific kinds of prompts that work for you, let us know! You can also throw up your own prompts, either general or fandom/character specific, in the comments of each of our drabble prompt posts.)

The current list of qualifying fandoms is not a final one, and the [archiveofourown.org profile] remix mods will consider including any fandom not already on the list if enough commenters mention that they qualify for the fandom and intend to participate in this year’s [archiveofourown.org profile] remix. We encourage you to nominate your favorite chromatic fandoms and get your friends to comment too!

List of Chromatic Characters From Remix Redux Qualifying Fandoms )

If there are any inaccuracies in the characters listed or missing characters, please let us know!

Last Updated: March 23, 2011.
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[community profile] festivids, a rare multifandom vidding exchange, went live today. Like the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 and Chromatic Yuletart 2010 lists, we'll be compiling a list of all the [community profile] festivids videos from chromatic sources or that feature chromatic characters. One of the things we'll also be noting in brackets [] is music by chromatic musicians used for each video.

The list is by no means final so we welcome any corrections and/or additions. Please feel free to also add your own links and/or recs for the videos listed (or not yet listed) here!

Happy watching, doers of darkness!

List of Chromatic Festivids 2011 Videos and Resources )
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A couple of years ago [personal profile] zvi started an excellent Pro-Character of Color/Anti-Racism Guide which she still maintains. We're not attempting to maintain a list with the same breadth and comprehensiveness nor can we hope to, but here are some communities dedicated to promoting racial and cultural diversity, representation and discussion in fandom (among others).

Chromatic Diversity


If you know of any other communities (or resources), please share them in the comments! Thank you!

Last Updated: 2012 January 29.
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The Racebending Revenge Challenge started last year as a protest against whitewashing in Western media and in particular The Last Airbender. The challenge was to:
Re-write one or more white characters in the fandom(s) of your choice as chromatic/non-white/PoC, in a story of at least 500 words, with some acknowledgment of how the racial difference would make a difference to the story being told.

[...] We want to know how a man called Sherlock Holmes in Victorian England would function if his skin was the colour of soot, or what Latino Dean and Sam Winchester would do to convince people to trust them, and if Buffy the Vampire Slayer can be Asian and still save the world (a lot).
It has been half a year since the challenge went live, but submissions are still trickling in. To promote these recent fanworks -- and to further promote old ones, we've compiled a masterlist of Racebending Revenge Challenge fanworks & resources.

Many thanks to all the artists, beta volunteers and writers who contributed to our challenge and to all the readers and reccers who read/viewed and supported these fanworks! ETA: We still welcome submissions here and/or at Racebending Revenge Archive of Our Own Collection.

List of Racebending Revenge Challenge Fanworks & Resources )

Last Updated: 2013 May 19.
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We've mentioned in the previous post that we'll be compiling a master list of all the [archiveofourown.org profile] yuletide stories from chromatic sources or that feature chromatic characters, including those that may not have been specifically written for Chromatic Yuletide 2010 as well or posted to the AO3 Collection. We're still collecting links, but we've finished wrangling all the revealed stories in the Chromatic Yuletide AO3 Collection so here there are!

As we've said, the list is by no means final so we welcome any corrections and/or additions. Please feel free to also add your own links and/or recs for the story listed (or not yet listed) here!

Happy reading, doers of darkness -- and keep on filling those chromatic Yuletide Madness prompts!

Status Update (Jan. 03, 18:34:37 UTC): Not done! We've wrangled though almost all Yuletide 2010, Yuletide Madness 2010 and New Year's Resolution 2011 posted to Chromatic Yuletide 2010 AO3 Collection and/or tagged with "Dark Agenda", "Chromatic Yuletide", "Chromatic Source", "Chromatic Character", "Character of Color" or variations of. But if we've missed any stories, let us know!

List of Chromatic Yuletide Stories & Resources

Thematic and rec lists featuring chromatic Yuletide stories )

Stories featuring chromatic characters from chromatic sources )

Stories featuring chromatic characters from white/Western/other or multi sources )

Stories featuring white/Western/other characters, but from chromatic sources )

Last Updated: Jan. 31, 01:19:41 UTC.
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While [community profile] dark_agenda is concentrating most of its effort to increase representation of chromatic characters and sources in [archiveofourown.org profile] yuletide during this fannish season, we want to also devote some time to highlight chromatic fanworks produced for [livejournal.com profile] yuletart.

[livejournal.com profile] yuletart is a multifandom fanart exchange and it started posting the other day. We would like to maintain a list of fanworks from [livejournal.com profile] yuletart this year that feature chromatic character(s) and/or from sources by chromatic creator(s) and to that end:

List of Chromatic Yuletart Artworks )

Status Update (4 Jan. 2011): [livejournal.com profile] yuletart has officially concluded and they posted a masterlist of 2010 artworks here. For the above list of chromatic Yuletart artworks, we welcome any corrections and/or additions!

While on the subject of fanart, we recommend checking [personal profile] glockgal's post for some commentaries and tips on drawing chromatic characters.

Last Updated: 4 Jan. 2010.
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With the help of [personal profile] dharmavati, [personal profile] eruthros, and [personal profile] thingswithwings, to whom we owe many thanks, we've been compiling nominated fandoms with chromatic creators and characters from your comments, the Yuletide Nominated Fandoms List, and the Yuletide Characters List in the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Nominations List spreadsheet (html version).

We've been following titling and tagging conventions from [livejournal.com profile] yuletide and AO3 and will need help adding and verifying information, so if you have time and energy to spare, we would appreciate your assistance! The spreadsheet is set so anyone (no Google account needed) can edit, and Google Docs is designed so multiple editors can work on a document simultaneously and all their edits will update. We're currently working through the Yuletide Nominated Fandoms list, and you can check our status under Progress. We have also included a Color Key to explain the highlighted cells.

Speaking of nominated fandoms, as we've said before, the closer we get to 25th December 2010, the harder it will be for people to learn a new source canon so we encourage you to continue promoting your Yuletide chromatic creator or character fandoms. For the purposes of the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Challenge, promotion posts may consist of picspams, meta/essays, character discussions, or some combination thereof, and we will be collecting links in the masterlist below.

The following list includes posts promoting chromatic sources and characters from this year and past years; parentheticals are mod notes.

Masterlist of Chromatic Yuletide Fandom Promotion Posts )

We will do our best to keep this list up to date, but there are more links at the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Nominations post so be sure to check back there.

Lastly, are there icon makers reading? This is where we shamelessly beg for you to make us a general [community profile] dark_agenda icon and a Chromatic Yuletide Challenge one.

Last Updated: 26 Nov. 2010.
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This is a list of Non-White/Chromatic/Characters of Colour in the 56 fandoms that qualify for the Remix 2010 challenge. Recurring, minor, and one-shot characters are included when their names are provided. There are nine fandoms that have chromatic creators - Bleach, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Inuyasha - A Feudal Fairy Tale, Johnny's Entertainment, Yami No Matsuei, Naruto, Saiyuki, Weiß Kreuz and Yami No Matsuei.

Chromatic Characters in Remix's Qualifying Fandoms )

The threetwo fandoms for which no chromatic characters have been listed are Good Omens - Gaiman & Pratchett, Lord Of The Rings RPF and Sherlock Holmes (2009).
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The underlying issue:
A lack of representation in both source and fandom of chromatic creators and characters, exemplified in the Yuletide Fic Exchange.

The challenge:
  • Part one: Request and offer to write for some of the fandoms on this list.
  • Part two: Do whatever it takes to be able to upload at least one Yuletide treat in the aforementioned fandoms during the Yuletide Madness period. A drabble, if not a fic. A character study, if not a plotty epic.

How we will help you:
  • By collating lists of suitable fandoms, and pimp posts and critiques of them.
  • By organising culture- language- and fandom- specific beta lists, and helping you track them down.
  • By gathering links to helpful writing and researching tips.
  • By maintaining a list of all the requests made for chromatic fandoms, as soon as they show up either on the pinch hitters list, or on the website.
  • By offering to upload your stories for you if you are unable to do so during the specific time period open for Yuletide treats.

Our suggested hierarchy:
  • First, write for a language and culture other than your own.
  • Second, support sources that are as authentic and unproblematic as they can be, especially in relation to those made about a culture from outside it.
  • Third, celebrate actual source cultures before reinterpretations of it, because there just isn't enough of the first; i.e. realistic representations before retellings of myths, and actual religions before fantasy send-ups of them.
  • Fourth, if you end up writing problematic source, engage in fixing it: finding the invisible people of colour and putting them back in, writing the back story for a character without tying it into the white people's narratives, showing not telling the blind spots and bigotry and flaws in the celebrated white heroes of the narrative.

  • We use the term 'chromatic' as an umbrella definition for 'sourcelander', 'hyphenate', 'diasporian', 'person of colour', 'non-white', while we acknowledge that it has shortcomings. Similarly, we accept that there is a certain flattening in our 'White / Western /Other' terminology.
  • We are not the final or authoritative arbitrators of what is offensive or acceptable. There is no such thing as universal agreement.
  • We cannot and will not police authenticity or accuracy in sources, betas, or stories. We will accept and include clarifications and corrections about any opinions or facts we might state.


We hope you enjoy participating, and are very glad you have decided to do so!
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Note: In my personal hierarchy of diversity, it is more important to support chromatic creators, and sources made by the people they represent. In addition, many White and Western sources come with deeply problematic racial and cultural depictions of their characters, and yet they end up being more popular and disseminated than more authentic representations.
That said, many of us love sources that are problematic for a variety of reasons, and as fans, one of the wonderful things we can do is produce fic that critiques, challenges and complicates the flaws in the source.
So if you do decide to write for these (and seriously, do it in addition to rather than instead of writing for the first list), please make sure you hunt for critique of the source, and write something that does not add to the problems of misrepresentation.

List of Chromatic Characters in White/Western/Other Created Yuletide 2009 Fandoms

PLEASE USE THIS FORM TO ADD INFORMATION TO THIS LIST (Made by the wonderful [personal profile] thuviaptarth)
Links to posts that comment on the source's racial and cultural representations are especially needed. We'll be editing this post continually to keep up with new information as we get it, so corrections, explanations, and counter-opinions to any commentary about the source is most welcome.
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Betas -

  • [livejournal.com profile] ncc_gqmf
  • [livejournal.com profile] lelek
  • [profile] maat_sheshat (Fandoms: Genji and Onmyoji, Heian Japan)
  • [personal profile] athenejen (Fandoms: The Seven Samurai, Genji, Japanese history, most Studio Ghibli anime and related manga)
  • [personal profile] oyceter (Fandoms: 20th Century Boys, Azumanga Daioh, Claymore, Clover, Grand Guignol Orchestra, Haibane Renmei, Honey and Clover, Koukou Debut, Land of the Blindfolded, Mars, Monster, Mushishi, Nana, Ooku, Paradise Kiss, Pluto, Ponyo, Skip Beat, Spirited Away, Tramps Like Us, Twelve Kingdoms aka Juuni Kokki, The Wallflower, Yotsubato
  • [personal profile] inkstone (Fandoms: Blade of the Immortal, Black Lagoon, Ghost Hunt, Gilgamesh, Kamikaze Girls, Koukou Debut, Mars, Mononoke, Ooku, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Skip Beat, Twelve Kingdoms)

  • [livejournal.com profile] applegnat
  • [personal profile] dharmavati (Fandoms: Bend It Like Beckham, Dil Bole Hadippa, Fashion (movie), Jab We Met, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Luck By Chance (movie), Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (film); can help with questions about general Indian culture and also specifically help with Tamil/Iyer culture.)
  • [profile] solvent90
  • [profile] maat_sheshat (Fandoms: Dhoom 2, Kal Ho Na Ho, canon only not culture)
  • [livejournal.com profile] wasabi_girl1 (Fandoms: Bend It Like Beckham, Devdas, Dhoom 2, Dil Bole Hadippa, Dil Chahta Hai, Dostana, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Kaminey, Monsoon Wedding and Omkara.)

China and Taiwan:
  • [personal profile] oyceter (Fandoms: Black & White, Mythology - Chinese, Red Cliff)
  • [personal profile] athenejen (Fandoms: Initial D (movie), Journey to the West, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, anything related to Chinese history, some Asian-American history)
  • [livejournal.com profile] chiana606
  • [personal profile] glass_icarus
  • [livejournal.com profile] zoi_no_miko (tag-team with hubby for Cantonese beta)



  • [personal profile] oyceter (Fandoms: Elizabeth E Wein - The Aksuma series)

Note: All comments to this entry are screened, so that you may provide information or ask for a beta while maintaining Yuletide anonymity.