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If you have made a rec or discussion post for fanworks coming out of the Racebending Revenge challenge, please link to it here. You are also free to make recs in comments, or start discussion threads. (We have around 35 fanworks so far, yay!)

Also, [community profile] chromaticvision over on IJ is hosting a mini-challenge for recs:
There aren't nearly enough works about characters of color out there (at least we think so anyway!), but what is there is cause for celebration. Show us your recs featuring characters of color. The dates for posting recs are July 15th-July 31st.

If you don't have an IJ account, you can use your Dreamwidth open account to comment to their post, linking to recs you might have made elsewhere.

Please feel free to discuss stories honestly and critically in our community space; please also remember to keep your focus on the work, and refrain from personal statements about the author.
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If you've posted lists of Dark Agenda recs somewhere, please leave us a link here. (Thus far there appear to be none... this is an oversight someone should correct!)

If you have some recs that meet the Dark Agenda challenge qualifications scattered amongst your other recs, please repost them here in the comments, and we will add them to our masterlist.

Please do take advantage of AO3s shiny recs and bookmarks feature and remember to tag any fics that meet our criteria with "Dark Agenda Challenge", "Chromatic Character" and "Chromatic Source" as applicable, so that we can find them.

Remember, you can tag fics that you may not have read yet, but whose fandom or characters you might know about! Just call them bookmarks and not recs. (You can also bookmark and tag a fic you might not want to rec, for whatever reason, but which you wish to bring to our challenge's attention.)

Reccomendations for fics that meet the Dark Agenda Challenge criteria )

Additional resources:
Master list for fic with characters/actors of South Asian descent compiled by [personal profile] dharmavati
Delicious bookmarks of recs tagged by [personal profile] eruthros