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Kaleidoscope Fandom Promotion Fest!

Hello, doers of darkness!

One of the primary goals for the Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange is to highlight and celebrate rare chromatic fandoms. From June 12 to July 9, we will be running a fandom promotion fest to discuss sources with chromatic creators and characters. We hope that this fest will not only allow you to share your enthusiasm for fandoms you’re thinking about nominating but also introduce you to new sources that may become your new fannish loves.

We invite all of you to participate by posting meta, picspams, primers, resource lists and other means of promoting Kaleidoscope-eligible fandoms during the fest. You are welcome to post directly to the community or post in your own journal and provide us with a link. We will compile a master list of all posts made for the fest.

We are especially interested in promotion posts for:
  • sources featuring chromatic characters who intersect with other mis- and underrepresented identities (e.g. class, dis/ability, GLBTQI, religion, etc.)

  • sources from mis- and underepresented regions (e.g. Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, West Asia, First Nations, etc.)

If you already have an idea for a promotion post, we invite you to sign up for one of the weeks during the fest:

Week 1 - June 12-18
Week 2 - June 19-25
Week 3 - June 26-July 2
Week 4 - July 3-July 9

(Sign-ups are informal: you don’t need to sign up for a week in order to make a post for our fest nor is there any penalty for failing to make a post during your chosen week.)

This entry is posted at Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, but we accept promotion posts from any journaling platform.
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[personal profile] troisroyaumes 2011-06-12 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Signing up to post a picspam/primer for Hwang Jin-yi on Week 2.

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[personal profile] littlebutfierce 2011-06-25 12:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Could there be a post where people can linkdrop old promos they've done? (I think this happened for YT, maybe?) I've done promo posts already for most/all of the stuff I am likely to do one for, & I know people's old posts have been useful for me. I appreciate the push for new/more promo posts! I just think it would be nice to have access to a compilation of old ones, too.

(Happy to put up a post for such in the comm if it's a time/capacity issue for the mods... ?)