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Nomination Addendum

Doers of darkness, we are very excited to see Kaleidoscope fandom nominations already rolling in! That being said, there are some things we would like to bring to your attention to hopefully streamline the nomination process.

When nominating fandoms:
  • Please remember to use the full title of the source rather than abbreviations, e.g. 夏目友人帳, Natsume Yūjinchō or Natsume's Book of Friends instead of just Natsume.
  • Entering the language of the original source will suffice. Although it is nice to see data about subtitles and translation availability, we don't really need to know every language a particular source is available in for nomination purposes.
  • For the "Country" category, we consider the nationality of a nominated source to be the nationality of the creator and/or where the work in question was created.
When nominating characters:
  • Since we have noticed people entering multiple characters into one slot rather than entering them individually, we've added a note to our nomination form:
    Character: Please nominate a character using their full name, e.g. 夏目 レイコ or Natsume Reiko instead of just Reiko. In the case of stage names or nicknames, the name most commonly used in fandom is preferred. Use the "add character" link to nominate multiple characters.

  • Also, please do not enter comment-style notes in the character nomination slots! We love and strongly encourage conversations here at [community profile] dark_agenda and we want to take your concerns into account, but to save our volunteers time and energy, the nominations form must be strictly a list.
  • In the spirit of the challenge, we hope that nominators will consider and respect the naming conventions of the culture that the source belongs to when nominating characters.
Here is a sample nomination submission to help illustrate:

Text version:

Contact Information

Name [free-text field; enter your (user)name]: Dark Agenda
Email Address [free-text field; enter your e-mail address]: darkadmn@gmail.com

Nomination 1

Fandom [free-text field; enter full name of fandom -- no abbreviations!]: 十二国記 (The Twelve Kingdoms)
Medium [select the medium of the source from the drop-down menu]: Anime/Manga & Manhwa & Manhua
Country [free-text field; enter the country of origin in which the source was created and/or the nationality of the creator]: Japan
Language [free-text field; enter the original language in which the source was created]: Japanese

[free-text field; enter full name of the character] 中嶋陽子 (Nakajima Yōko)
[free-text field; enter full name of the character] 楽俊 (Rakushun)

[add character button; click to add more lines to enter character names]

At the moment, these notes consist of reminders and issues that we've noticed in the current nominations list, but we will update them on an as-needed basis as nominations proceed. If there is something you'd like to bring to our attention regarding the nomination form or that you'd like us to clarify further, please drop us a line in the comments, via PM to [personal profile] dark_administrator/[livejournal.com profile] darkadmn, or at darkadmn at gmail dot com.

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