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How to Post Various Fanworks for Kaleidoscope on Archive of Our Own

Hello doers of darkness! There are now less than 11 days until assignments are due and four days until the last day to default. Feel free to flail (anonymously if necessary) about your assignment in our previous check-in entry, and please remember to use the our default form to let us know if you will not be able to finish your assignments by the due date.

Speaking of, we're looking for pinch-hitters on our pinch-hits mailing list and will soon post a few beta requests through our chromatic beta mailing list so if you can offer your pinch-hitting and/or beta service, please check those mailing lists -- and there's also our Kaleidoscope-specific beta resources post as well. (Of course, for pinch-hits, you're welcome to create treats from the prompts being posted without having to claim them.)

How excited are we to see submissions coming in our Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Treats collections? Very!

Undoubtedly late for those who already posted, but here is a rather screencap extensive guide on how to post fanworks on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and to our collections. Please let us know if you experienced any difficulty in posting your submission to these collections and/or if you have any questions!

How to Post Various Fanworks for Kaleidoscope on Archive of Our Own (AO3)

  1. Prepare your fanwork for posting on Archive of Our Own (AO3), including uploading your artwork, graphics, vids, etc. to your own web server or a free hosting service if necessary.

    1. To upload image artworks and/or graphics to Photobucket, create an anonymous account and/or log-in to Photobucket. Find and click on the Upload button on the top-right corner of the screen:

      Photobucket's 'Upload' button on the top-right corner of the screen

    2. The Upload button will lead to Photobucket's uploading interface:

      Photobucket's uploading interface with a 'Upload from' button on the top-left corner, a 'Upload to' button on the to-right corner and a 'Select photos and videos' button in the middle of the screen

    3. Select from where your image(s) are located from the menu next to the Upload from section on the top-left corner of the screen; and if desire, select the Photobucket folder to which the image(s) will be uploaded (i.e. Kaleidoscope > 2011) from the menu next to the Upload to section on the top-right corner of the screen.

    4. Click on the Select photos and videos button in the middle of the screen to select and upload your image(s). When selecting images to upload, holding down the Ctrl key will allow multiple selections.

    5. Once uploading is finished, navigate to the folder to which the image(s) were uploaded and where they will be displayed:

      Photobucket Folder

      Clicking on an image will display its url codes. Copy/note down the image(s)'s Direct link and/or HTML code.

    1. To upload videos to YouTube, create an anonymous account and/or log-in to YouTube. Find and click on the Upload link on the top-right corner of the screen:

      Youtube's Upload link on the top-right corner of the screen

    2. The Upload link will lead to YouTube's uploading interface:

      YouTube's Uploading Interface

      YouTube recently rolled out a new uploading interface so depending on your account and browser, you might see the above interface or the old uploading interface instead, one which incidentally can be directly accessed at this Video File Upload link for the moment.

    3. Click on Select files from your computer or Upload video field to select and upload your video(s). When selecting videos to upload, holding down the Ctrl key will alow multiple selections.

    4. During uploading, an uploading process interface will be displayed (old Uploading process interface):

      YouTube's Uploading Progress Interface

    5. There are fields wherein a title, description and tags may be entered among others. If desire, you may also select the channel to which the video(s) will be uploaded (i.e. 2011) from the menu next to the +Add to button on the top-right corner of the interface.

      The most important field, however, is under the Privacy section. Please select the Unlisted: anyone with the link can view option so the video will not be searchable and therefore not be revealed before the challenge is live. Click and/or make sure your setting is saved from the Save(d) button on the bottom-right corner of the upload process interface.

    6. Once uploading is finished, click on the show more link underneath the Link to this video section and select Embed from the list of options. Copy/note down the embed code.

    7. To upload captions/subtitles for the video(s), click on the menu from the button next to your username on the top-right corner and select My Videos:
      YouTube's setting menu on the top-right corner

    8. The My Videos will lead to a My Uploaded Videos interface:

      YouTube's My Uploaded Videos Interface

      Navigate to the video(s) you uploaded and click on the Edit info button.

    9. The Edit info button will lead to the video's settings:

      YouTube's Captions and Subtitles settings

      Select Captions and Subtitles on the far right tab and click on Add New Captions or Transcript to upload a caption/subtitle file. See How to add subtitles and translations to your vids and Tutorial: Subtitling vids for the WisCon Vid Party singalong show for a few method on how to create such files.

  2. Create an account and/or log-in to Archive of Our Own. Once logged-in, there are two ways to post submission(s) to Kaleidoscope:

    AO3's Post New Work links

  3. These links will lead to AO3's posting interface:
  4. In the first and main section, Work Tags, there are fields to select and/or enter the following metadata (explanations quoted from AO3's own explanations unless where not) about your fanwork:

    AO3's Work Preface

    • Rating:
      Not Rated (Adult!)
      For searching, screening, and other Archive functions, this may get treated the same way as explicit-rated content. In reality, it could be anything from porn to completely family-friendly stuff. Choose this rating if you prefer not to rate your content (because you don't like ratings, because you're trying to avoid spoilers, etc.).

      General Audiences
      This content is suitable for anyone: kids, teenagers, sensitive people.

      Teen And Up Audiences
      The content may be inappropriate for audiences under 13.

      Mature (Adult!)
      This is for content with adult themes (sex, violence, etc.) that isn't as graphic as explicit-rated content.

      Explicit (Adult!)
      This is for porn, graphic violence, etc.

    • Archive Warnings:

      Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings:
      Use this if you don't want to warn for anything (because you don't like warnings, because you're avoiding spoilers, etc.). You may also choose this option if you want to use one or more archive warnings but don't want to use others (because you don't like warning for certain topics, because you're avoiding some spoilers but not others, etc.).

      No Archive Warnings Apply:
      Use this if the archive warnings don't apply to your content (in other words, if it contains no graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rape/non-con, or underage sexuality).

      Graphic Depictions Of Violence:

      This is for gory, graphic, explicitly described violence. Exactly where to draw the line is your call.

      Major Character Death:
      Please use your best judgment about who counts as a major character.

      Again, this is your call. If you think your content is borderline non-con, but you don't feel like using this warning (or you're not sure if you should), you always have the option of using "Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings" instead.

      This is for descriptions or depictions of sexual activity by characters under the age of eighteen (this does not include dating activity like kissing or vague references with no actual description/depiction). This generally applies to humans: If you are writing porn about space aliens who only live for a month or thousand year-old vampires with twelve year-old bodies, please just use your best judgment. You are always free to specify characters' ages or to use "Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings".
      Remember, if you're posting vids, please provide additional content notes regarding sexual violence, physical triggers (e.g. effects that commonly trigger epilepsy or migraines such as strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills, etc.), or any other notes you think would be appropriate, e.g. suicide, self-harm, etc., under Additional Tags or Notes section. Or select Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings if you choose not to add notes for those contents.

    • Fandoms: The auto-complete field will only show canonical tags as you enter a fandom, but non-canonical tags may be used and [community profile] dark_agenda encourages you to do so as well as to enter, as you see fit, multiple versions of a fandom's name in situations where you feel appropriate, e.g. 狄仁傑之通天帝國, Dí Rénjié, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, etc.

    • Category: F/F (female/female relationships), F/M (female/male relationships), Gen (general or no relationships), M/M (male/male relationships), Multi (polyamorous relationships or relationships involving more than two partners), Other (relationships that do not fit neatly into any of the aforementioned categories or do not have a category)

    • Relationships (familial, friendship, romantic, etc.): Please see the above notes for Fandoms. The slash (/) or x sign, e.g. Shàngguān Jìng'ér/Wǔ Zétiân, Shàngguān Jìng'ér x Wǔ Zétiân, usually denotes romantic relationships while the ampersand (&) sign, e.g. Shàngguān Jìng'ér & Wǔ Zétiân usually denotes non-romantic relationships.

    • Characters: Please see the above notes for Fandoms.

    • Additional Tags: This field is like a freeform field wherein you may enter any sort of tags in which you would like your fanwork to be sorted and filtered, i.e. genre, canon timeline, additional content notes, etc.

  5. In the next section, Work Preface, there are fields to select and/or enter among others the title of your fanwork, the psynonym under which the fanwork is posted, a summary of the fanwork and notes regarding the fanwork (the last of which can be shown at the beginning or end of your fanwork):

    AO3's Work Preface

    For the Summary field, if you're posting an image artworks or graphics, [community profile] dark_agenda suggests using a thumbnail as a summary:

    Image thumbnail for summary of an image artwork/grahpic

    For the Notes field, [community profile] dark_agenda encourages adding additional content notes or permission policy for secondary works based on your fanwork.

  6. In the third section, Associations, there are field to select and/or enter among others the collection(s) under which the fanwork is posted, the recipient(s) for which the fanwork is created and the language in which the fanwork is created:

    AO3's Work Associations

    Please remember to enter Kaleidoscope under Post to Collections/Challenges and your recipient AO3 username under otherwise your fanwork will not be posted anonymously and your recipient (and us) will not be able to find your fanwork.

  7. In the last section, Work Text, there is among others one huge field to insert your fanwork:

    AO3's Work Text

    If you're posting an image artwork or graphic, insert the html code for your image:

    Insert the image's embedding link

    If you're posting a video, insert the embedding code for your video:

    Insert the video's embedding link

    If you're posting a story and it was in a Word document previously, you may select the Rich Text option and then the Paste from Word icon (clipboard with a 'W') when it appears to copy and paste your document:

    AO3's Rich Text

    This option will parse, clean and format your Word document for posting.

  8. Once the Post New Work form is completed, post your fanwork and check that it has been posted correctly under my home > My Works.

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