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Pinch hit #2

Hi, doers of darkness, we're still in need of a pinch-hit for pinch hit #2. If you are interested in claiming the pinch hit, please email darkadmn AT gmail DOT com with your AO3 username (or if you don't have an account, send us your email address & we'll send you an invite for the pinch-hit claim), or if you're unfamiliar with the fandoms, we appreciate a signal-boost!

Recipient: [archiveofourown.org profile] VampirePaladin
Dear Doer of Darkness Letter: http://sirvalkyrie.livejournal.com/20528.html#cutid1

Gensō Suikoden Surī | 幻想水滸伝III | Suikoden III
Tags: Sanae Yamamoto | サナエ・ヤマモト, Kuīn | クイーン | Queen, Horutesu | ホルテス | Hortez VII, Fanfiction

I'd love awesome genfic about these three. I love all three and any fic involving them would make me happy. I don't have any ships for any of the three of them, but I also don't have any ships I dislike for any of them.

I want to know more about their backstories, the places they come from. While I own several Suikoden games I have only beaten Suikoden III so far.

Here are some totally optional ideas: Viki's teleportation going wrong + Hortez's lack of direction = ????. Characters remenscing about their homelands.

Kyūtī Hanī Za Raibu | キューティーハニー THE LIVE | Cutie Honey: The Live
Tags: Fanfiction, Any Character

I really will gladly take fic about any character in this series. I prefer het and femmeslash for shipping, but if you think you have an amazing slash story set here then go for that too. I will also more than gladly take an awesome gen story.

Power Rangers Turbo
Tags: Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, Cassie Chan, Fanfiction

I love TJ and Cassie so much.

TJ is one of my favorite red rangers. It honestly changes day to day whether he or Jason is my favorite red ranger. The fact that he has no problem at all giving up leadership in Power Rangers in Space yet is still there to take the reigns as needed shows just what I love about him.

I love how Cassie is a pink ranger, but is also the muscles of the group in battle. She is also such a fun character. I also adore her crush on the Phantom Ranger.

I will seriously take any fic focusing on either character. Feel free to include anyone you want in the fics.

Suīto PuriKyua♪ | スイート プリキュア♪ | Suite PreCure♪
Tag: Kurokawa Eren "Seirēn" "Kyua Bīto" | 黒川 エレン "セイレーン" "キュアビート" | Kurokawa Ellen "Siren" "Cure Beat", Shirabe Ako "Kyua Myūzu" | 調辺 アコ "キュアミューズ" | Cure Muse, Minamino Kanade "Kyua Rizumu" | 南野 奏 "キュアリズム" | Cure Rhythm, Fanfiction

I am weird, I don't consider Suite Pretty Cure to be the best Pretty Cure series, but it has three of my favorite cures.

I will gladly take any fic. I do have a desire to see Kanade/Ellen if you would like to write shippyness.

Wairudo Āmuzu Adovansudo Sādo | ワイルドアームズ アドヴァンスドサード | Wild ARMs 3
Tags: Gyarouzu Kyaradain | ギャロウズ・キャラダイン | Gallows Carradine, Shēn Kyaradain | シェーン・キャラダイン | Shane Carradine, Fanfiction

I want to know more about the Baskars, their relationship to Filgaia, to the Mediums, etc. I'd also love to see some brotherly fic.

Feel free to include any Wild Arms 3 characters you want, I love them all. I am also familiar with Wild Arms Alter Code F, Wild Arms 2 and Wild Arms 4 if you want to include anything from those games.
ETA: Pinch-hit claimed!

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