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Janelle Monae Icons

For those of you who might not know, Janelle Monae is an awesomely talented Afrofuturist R&B singer whose first three albums tell the story of an android named Cindi Mayweather (played by Janelle). Cindi falls in love with a human and is thus to be hunted down and destroyed! But she eludes the hunters and goes on a journey through time and space, giving hope to her oppressed people. The songs are excellent, the story is great, the videos that go with it are awesome, if you're not already listening you should be. There are already some really good stories over at AO3, and the album arc has been nominated for [community profile] yuletide , so I am hopeful that there will be more coming soon.

To promote it I made icons!

Total Icon Count: 26


She's the Archandroid, the Electric Lady #1

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I also nominated the Nicki Minaj / Rihanna post-apocalyptic futurescape video for "Fly", and was actually seriously hoping for a Cindi Mayweather crossover.
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