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Promotion Fest: Latin America and the Caribbean

Hello again, doers of darkness! First of all, we apologize profusely for the delay in our promotions festival and our extended radio silence re: Kaleidoscope in general; an unfortunate confluence of offline situations pushed us quite far off our schedule. We are working to get back on course and will present you with an updated timeline as soon as possible. For now, we shall return to our original promotion programming.

To give a quick recap, last year, [personal profile] wistfuljane presented pie charts showing the breakdown by region of nominated fandoms qualifying for Chromatic Yuletide 2010. Latin American and Caribbean sources, along with those from Africa and the First Nations, were at the bottom of the list. We hope to do better this year by encouraging Kaleidoscope participants to brainstorm and discuss fandoms originating from these regions.

Latin America

Latin America is a vast and diverse region that includes Mexico in North America, Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands, which we will further discuss in the next section. Its cultural, ethnic, and linguistic makeup is tied to the history of European colonialism, and the social constructions and hierarchies of race within Latin America vary from nation to nation and are distinct from those experienced by the Latin@ diaspora. For example, within the United States, some white-identified Latin@s may experience similar discrimination to chromatic minorities, and some multiracial Latin Americans may pass as white.

We do not want to discount the experiences of Latin@s outside of Latin America or disregard the self-identification of members of the Latin@ community. However, we ask that you take the aforementioned issues into account when you consider the question of whether or not a character or creator counts as chromatic for the purposes of the Kaleidoscope challenge. We also welcome any input or perspectives that the Latin American members of the community might wish to provide.

Starting Points


Here are some Latin American sources that we think would be great fandom nominations for Kaleidoscope:
  • Angélica Gorodischer (Argentina): speculative and crime fiction
  • Antônia (Brazil): film
  • Botineras (Argentina): telenovela
  • Cidade de Deus | City Of God (Brazil): film
  • Isabel Allende (Chile): literary/speculative fiction
  • Leonera | Lion's Den (Argentina): film
  • Liliana Bodoc (Argentina): speculative fiction
  • Roberto Bolaño (Chile): literary fiction
  • Somos lo que hay | We Are What We Are (Mexico): film
  • Y tu mamá también (Mexico): film

The Caribbean

We would like to draw special attention to the Caribbean as a region that overlaps with Latin America but also has its own unique set of histories and cultures. Multiple European countries (Spain, France, England as well as others) have colonized the islands of the Caribbean in the past, and many, with the addition of the U.S., continue to do so today. The hybridity of Caribbean cultures does not merely draw influence from colonial powers, but also from the indigenous peoples who first inhabited the islands, the African diaspora brought originally as slaves, and later diasporic communities from East and South Asia. This multiethnic and multilingual environment has created so many brilliant works of media, whether it be new musical genres or award-winning literature. We would like to highlight creators who hail from Caribbean countries and encourage the community to explore their work.

Starting Points


Here are some Caribbean sources that we think would be great fandom nominations for Kaleidoscope:

Also check out the Caribbean source fandoms mentioned in the comments to Chromatic fandom collecting!

Share your squee for these fandoms or give other Latin American/Caribbean fandom suggestions in the comments below!

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