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Highlighting Dark Agenda Challenge Worthy Prompts

This is a little last minute, but there is a day and a half depending on your time zone until the Yuletide 2009 exchange closes, and this year, since it has moved over to Archive of Our Own, the last minute Yuletide Madness challenge is open to everyone, regardless of whether they signed up for Yuletide or not.

If there are prompts that you have seen float by on the pinch hit list, the unfulfilled prompst list, or on people's 'dear author' letters that fulfil one or all parts of our challenge, please..
Enter them into this convenient form!
Which creates
this handy dandy spreadsheet of chromatic prompts!

If you do not have an AO3 account from which to upload your story, and your request for a code does not get answered in time, you can ask someone to upload your story for you, and they can get you listed as the author. You might be able to find betas at the official beta sign up post, our list of culture-specific betas, or by going to the IRC chat channel and asking a hippo for help.

Remember to tag your fic so we can find it.

Let's see how many Dark Agenda Challenge fics we can generate in a day and a half!
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[personal profile] futuransky 2009-12-24 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
What a great idea this is! I have been scrolling through the letters page looking for prompts I could possibly maybe try to write -- now even if I don't manage to write anything (looking likely just because of time), I can enter my findings into the spreadsheet and feel like I have been useful. :)