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There are less than 8 days (!!!) before [archiveofourown.org profile] yuletide assignments are due. We hope you're making good progress on your assignment and wish you luck. For those who are already done (!!!!!), congratulations!

In the meantime, there are a few things we want to address. One of the components of our Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Challenge is:
[...] if you end up writing problematic source, engage in fixing it: finding the invisible people of colour and putting them back in, writing the back story for a character without tying it into the white people's narratives, critiquing by making explicit the blind spots and bigotry and flaws in the celebrated white heroes of the narrative.
We encourage you to be aware of how the source for which you're writing in particular portrays race, ethnicity, culture and the intersectionality of these issues with others, especially when the source is not created by people from the identity it portrays.

Last year, we posted about some common pitfalls while writing outside your own culture and how to attempt to avoid them, where we also highlighted a discussion about white and Western consumption of manga and anime, and collected critique posts of some white/Western/other sources.

This year, we'd like to offer similar resources. We're trying to collect a central list of critique posts on the topics of race, ethnicity and culture for white/Western/other sources so if you know of any links, we would love to be linked to them!

List of Critique Posts for White/Western/Other Sources )

We'd also like to discuss some common pitfalls in writing chromatic characters and non-Western cultures. What problems have you encountered as a writer and/or a reader? And how do you think they can be countered against?

Here are some questions that might help you ground your writing for this challenge: What other questions should we ask themselves? And what other posts or articles have helped you clarify your writing process?

Last Updated: 14 Dec. 2010.
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Sign-ups for [archiveofourown.org profile] yuletide are now live, and will close on Friday, 19th November 2010 (U.S.A. time).

As you sign-up on the website, we would like to remind you about a few things.

Reminders and Friendly Suggestions! )

The short and simple version:
Step 1 - Officially sign up for our challenge!
Step 2 - Start signing up for Yuletide 2010. (If they seem confusing, check out these videos walking you through the process or this transcript of the videos.)
Step 3 - Use our masterlist of Chromatic Fandoms and Characters (html version) to populate your offers and requests. Use your freeform option wisely! (Suggestions: 'Chromatic yuletide', 'character of colour', 'fix it fic')
Step 4 - Scan the list of needy fandoms to see what fandoms you can rescue with a request or offer.
Step 5 - Finish your sign-ups, and wait to receive an emailed copy of them in your inbox.
Step 6 - Write a 'Dear Author' letter, post it to your journal or the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide's official Dear Yuletide Writer post. (Optionally, you can write this before you sign up and include a link to it in your requests.)
Step 7 - Enter your fandom, character and request details into our Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Prompts form (spreadsheet) along with a link to your 'Dear Author' letters.
Step 8 - Sign up at our beta resources post for whatever fandom- or culture-specific betas you think you can offer.
Step 9 - You're done! (Except for all the obligatory panicking about receiving your assignment, then writing it, then uploading it, etc.)

Remember, you can always comment or PM us with any questions, or email us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com

Yay! Thanks for doing this with us!
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This is a little last minute, but there is a day and a half depending on your time zone until the Yuletide 2009 exchange closes, and this year, since it has moved over to Archive of Our Own, the last minute Yuletide Madness challenge is open to everyone, regardless of whether they signed up for Yuletide or not.

If there are prompts that you have seen float by on the pinch hit list, the unfulfilled prompst list, or on people's 'dear author' letters that fulfil one or all parts of our challenge, please..
Enter them into this convenient form!
Which creates
this handy dandy spreadsheet of chromatic prompts!

If you do not have an AO3 account from which to upload your story, and your request for a code does not get answered in time, you can ask someone to upload your story for you, and they can get you listed as the author. You might be able to find betas at the official beta sign up post, our list of culture-specific betas, or by going to the IRC chat channel and asking a hippo for help.

Remember to tag your fic so we can find it.

Let's see how many Dark Agenda Challenge fics we can generate in a day and a half!
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It is about 24 hours till sign-ups for the Yuletide 2009 fanfic exchange close, because they close Thursday 9th November 9pm Eastern Time.

Please consider taking a look at the continually updated list of neediest fandoms, and making sure you have offered those on it that you can. Taking some of the more popular fandoms off your offered list will also help increase the chances of your being assigned one of the rarer ones.

Do also please take a look at the list of unrequested fandoms - there are several fandoms that someone cared enough to suggest that we add to our list, so it would be great to have those chromatic fandom prompts made, in order to encourage people to write them.

Finally, this awesome spreadsheet maintained by [livejournal.com profile] elishabet and [livejournal.com profile] attempt_unique has a list of who has requested what fandoms! Do a simple search to track the chromatic fandom(s) you think you can write for, head over to the list of Dear Writer posts to get the full prompts and details, and you can start working on a story even if you don't end up being assigned a chromatic fandom to write.

We'd also love it if you could pimp our challenge and community resources around, especially to comms that focus on the fandoms we have listed - it would be great to encourage more people interested in K dramas, manga, Bollywood etc to sign up!