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We're thinking about this challenge and community, and what its future might look like, and to do that we'd like to know how the experience so far has been.

So now that authors are revealed, how did your participation in the Dark Agenda Challenge go?
What thoughts do you have about it?
How did it change your yuletide experience?
What suggestions would you have for your future self doing this next year (or next ficathon)?
Any tips and tricks you'd like to share with the rest of us? (Here's one - a good source for suitable character names is local newspapers from the region.)

What problems or frustrations did you have, either while writing, or tagging, or reading? What trends (disturbing or pleasant), did you you notice?

Would you do it again next year?
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This is a little last minute, but there is a day and a half depending on your time zone until the Yuletide 2009 exchange closes, and this year, since it has moved over to Archive of Our Own, the last minute Yuletide Madness challenge is open to everyone, regardless of whether they signed up for Yuletide or not.

If there are prompts that you have seen float by on the pinch hit list, the unfulfilled prompst list, or on people's 'dear author' letters that fulfil one or all parts of our challenge, please..
Enter them into this convenient form!
Which creates
this handy dandy spreadsheet of chromatic prompts!

If you do not have an AO3 account from which to upload your story, and your request for a code does not get answered in time, you can ask someone to upload your story for you, and they can get you listed as the author. You might be able to find betas at the official beta sign up post, our list of culture-specific betas, or by going to the IRC chat channel and asking a hippo for help.

Remember to tag your fic so we can find it.

Let's see how many Dark Agenda Challenge fics we can generate in a day and a half!
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We have been updating the chromatic creators list as we have time; please let us know if you have any additions or fandom descriptions or pimping posts to add, or if you have any questions or suggestions about classifications.

We are particularly looking for current Yuletide fandoms from Latin@, Arab, African, and Native American/First Nations/indigenous North and South American creators, as they have the least representation on our current list. Thanks for your help!
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The underlying issue:
A lack of representation in both source and fandom of chromatic creators and characters, exemplified in the Yuletide Fic Exchange.

The challenge:
  • Part one: Request and offer to write for some of the fandoms on this list.
  • Part two: Do whatever it takes to be able to upload at least one Yuletide treat in the aforementioned fandoms during the Yuletide Madness period. A drabble, if not a fic. A character study, if not a plotty epic.

How we will help you:
  • By collating lists of suitable fandoms, and pimp posts and critiques of them.
  • By organising culture- language- and fandom- specific beta lists, and helping you track them down.
  • By gathering links to helpful writing and researching tips.
  • By maintaining a list of all the requests made for chromatic fandoms, as soon as they show up either on the pinch hitters list, or on the website.
  • By offering to upload your stories for you if you are unable to do so during the specific time period open for Yuletide treats.

Our suggested hierarchy:
  • First, write for a language and culture other than your own.
  • Second, support sources that are as authentic and unproblematic as they can be, especially in relation to those made about a culture from outside it.
  • Third, celebrate actual source cultures before reinterpretations of it, because there just isn't enough of the first; i.e. realistic representations before retellings of myths, and actual religions before fantasy send-ups of them.
  • Fourth, if you end up writing problematic source, engage in fixing it: finding the invisible people of colour and putting them back in, writing the back story for a character without tying it into the white people's narratives, showing not telling the blind spots and bigotry and flaws in the celebrated white heroes of the narrative.

  • We use the term 'chromatic' as an umbrella definition for 'sourcelander', 'hyphenate', 'diasporian', 'person of colour', 'non-white', while we acknowledge that it has shortcomings. Similarly, we accept that there is a certain flattening in our 'White / Western /Other' terminology.
  • We are not the final or authoritative arbitrators of what is offensive or acceptable. There is no such thing as universal agreement.
  • We cannot and will not police authenticity or accuracy in sources, betas, or stories. We will accept and include clarifications and corrections about any opinions or facts we might state.


We hope you enjoy participating, and are very glad you have decided to do so!
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Note: In my personal hierarchy of diversity, it is more important to support chromatic creators, and sources made by the people they represent. In addition, many White and Western sources come with deeply problematic racial and cultural depictions of their characters, and yet they end up being more popular and disseminated than more authentic representations.
That said, many of us love sources that are problematic for a variety of reasons, and as fans, one of the wonderful things we can do is produce fic that critiques, challenges and complicates the flaws in the source.
So if you do decide to write for these (and seriously, do it in addition to rather than instead of writing for the first list), please make sure you hunt for critique of the source, and write something that does not add to the problems of misrepresentation.

List of Chromatic Characters in White/Western/Other Created Yuletide 2009 Fandoms

PLEASE USE THIS FORM TO ADD INFORMATION TO THIS LIST (Made by the wonderful [personal profile] thuviaptarth)
Links to posts that comment on the source's racial and cultural representations are especially needed. We'll be editing this post continually to keep up with new information as we get it, so corrections, explanations, and counter-opinions to any commentary about the source is most welcome.