I wrote fluff and now I feel better

22 February 2019 10:12 pm
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pumpkin spice and everything nice (versus isovaleric acid) (981 words) by AlexSeanchai
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir
Additional Tags: Based on a Tumblr Post, Kwami Swap, Stormy Weather 2 Is Not Canon

Ladybug doesn't believe Chat Noir's gym-socks-and-buttered-popcorn aroma is the result of Plagg's Camembert obsession. And she knows she smells sweet, but she also knows she lives, uh, near a bakery; it's nothing to do with Tikki at all.

...Well, it's probably going to be a strategic benefit if they know how to handle each other's powers, right?

The next morning at school, now...

Food Shocks

22 February 2019 08:36 pm
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 Food shocks -- sudden drops in food production due to disasters or conflicts -- are becoming more frequent.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

I'm a free brain, baby

23 February 2019 01:29 pm
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I'm off my meds. I am a free-range brain. It is strange and a little unsettling, like the floorboards of my mind are creaking underfoot but holding steady for the moment.

Cutting for talk of roadkill type car accident with animal harm.
We're okay but the marsupial ain't )

Brief Media Review:

Eps 1-3 of ST Discovery S2
spoilers are mysterious red lights )

Tidelands S1
Which, if this didn't make it to shores outside Australia, is kind of a paranormal mystery story? IDK. This is the imdb summary:
After an ex-con returns to her fishing village, a dead body leads her to uncover the secrets of the town and its half-siren, half-human residents.

Spoilers are too glamorous to get sand in their crack )

Sirens S1 Episodes 1-4
Spoilers are drinking a herring smoothie )

So many mermaids this summer. It's great.

Card game from my dream last night

23 February 2019 08:56 am
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Everyone is handed the same number of cards to start with. Every turn, you place a card on the pile or pick up from the deck. You can place a card on the previous one if it's the same suit or the next number in sequence. The winner is the first person to clear their hand.

The thing that makes it special is the deck, which is a combination of every card the group has: regular playing cards, tarot cards, business cards, cards from novelty games, whatever. And the way you match cards from differing decks is by convincing the rest of the group of your logic(*). There's obvious things like placing the seven of cups on the six of hearts. But then someone follows that with a business card for a winery because cups are the same suit as wine.

I think this would likely only work in a situation like my dream, where a group of friends aren't really trying to win. Also the people in my dream were artists of various sorts who had been playing this game for years, so had a variety of interesting cards to hand.

Since you can tell what deck cards come from by their back, you can use that to try to make things harder for the next player.

In my dream there wasn't anything like 'reverse the order"/"make the next person pick up" etc because it would be hard to make consistent. But on further thought, you could use those kinds of cards if they already existed in whatever decks you were using, and you'd just have to come up with an argument for what the effect was in this context, eg "this is a card from the Marrying Mr Darcy card game that says I should to discard my top reputation card, but I don't have any, so it has no effect".

Also probably some rule like...if a card is so hard to match that everyone ends up having to draw, it's replaced with the top card from the draw pile.

This game is heavily inspired by Bartok, which I played a lot in my uni's scifi club. Also maybe some story I'm not quite remembering...

(*)I never found out the failure condition for this in my dream, because everyone let even the flimsiest arguments slide and just laughed.

Chocolate Box

23 February 2019 11:33 am
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I had a fabulous Chocolate Box! I received three gifts, all great:

I don’t seem to have written much about them on here, but Antonia Forest’s Marlows series (10 books about the same family, published over 34 years but covering a little over two years in book time, with each book roughly contemporary with its publication date) are hugely important to me as a reader and as a person; they are stunningly well-written, brilliant on character and, unfortunately, difficult and expensive to find. I re-read them frequently and always find something worthwhile (I’m reading Lucy Mangan’s memoir Bookworm at the moment, and it’s great to see her similar enthusiasm).

The fic I got is totally in keeping with canon, a post-series talk between Nicola (mostly the series protagonist, although she’s largely absent in The Thuggery Affair) and her adored older brother Giles, who is now fallen from grace. It’s great on character and on casting a new light back at events of the series, and at showing that Nicola is growing up, and the balance between her and Giles is starting to tip. Also, bonus naval details.

Suffer a Sea-Change (1910 words) by AJHall
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Nicola Marlow, Giles Marlow, Miranda West, Ginty Marlow
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, The Royal Navy

"That long line of naval officers, all with their happy ships..."

The name "Marlow" has been a powerful talisman in the Royal Navy for generations. What would it take for that name to change from a blessing to a curse?

On the eve of Nicola Marlow's departure for Britannia Royal Naval College, she and her brother Giles talk.

I nominated a few original prompts and got two amazing stories:

the battle is coming, I’ve been waiting so long is a great piece of hidden identities and arranged marriages, with a fantastic title, and some lovely world-building details.

the battle is coming, i've been waiting so long (1110 words) by sorori
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Queen Who Fought in the War/Princess of Enemy Country She's Marrying to Seal the Peace Treaty
Additional Tags: Storyteller narrator, Final Battle, Fights, Weddings, War, Battle, Identity Reveal

“Where is your general?” Shikang asked, panting. “He is a coward if he does not come out to fight me.”

“Here,” came the answering shout, and she was far from a coward.

and Blades has a would-be fighter and an older world-weary mentor, both female and both tropes I am very fond of, as well as lots of extremely tasty-sounding baking, which, ditto. Very nice.

Blades (1215 words) by kalirush
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Older Woman from Proud Alien Warrior Culture & Half-Human Teenage Girl Who Wants To Learn To Fight
Additional Tags: Baking, a lot of butter

Ulli goes looking for a mentor: the legendary Aellaria Sunkiller.

I’m still working through the archive, but there’s a lot of great fiction and art there, and I hope to come back with some more recs.

For my own assignment I matched with [personal profile] thisbluespirit on Sid Halley and his father-in-law Charles Roland from Dick Francis, which I’d seen in the tagset and been very much taken with. I re-read Odds Against and Whip Hand for inspiration (I have these in a double edition that inexplicably published them in the wrong order, so the first time I read them I was quite confused) and read Come to Grief for the first time and thought it was fantastic. However, all the ideas I was getting were a) novel-length and b) required quite a bit of horse-research. So I went back to [personal profile] thisbluespirit’s prompts, and saw that she’d also nominated Sapphire and Steel, a canon I love dearly but have never written for, and found this important footnote - “I never not want random fantastical stuff in my mundane canons and having sensible people deal with the ridiculous in whatever way works for them.” So I had my concept. I rewatched some Sapphire and Steel and thought about time, and places and objects, and ended up with ships and bells.

I had my usual problems getting the start right - I had quite a bit of Sid riding in (and losing) a race based on the Carlisle Bell, the oldest British horse race (tweaked to make it jump rather than flat), and then a few chunks of Charles unconscious in hospital while Sid went back to Aynsford and encountered strange individuals, and then the deadline loomed over me like an iceberg and I finally found my way in. Many, many thanks to my betas, especially [personal profile] sovay who had less than 24 hours to look at it.

Stalk On (6074 words) by Cyphomandra
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sid Halley - Dick Francis, FRANCIS Dick - Works, Sapphire and Steel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sid Halley & Charles Roland | Charles Rowland, Sapphire/Silver/Steel (S&S), Sapphire & Silver & Steel (S&S)
Characters: Sid Halley, Charles Roland | Charles Rowland (Dick Francis), Sapphire (S&S), Silver (S&S), Steel (S&S)
Additional Tags: Crossover, Case Fic, Timeline Shenanigans, The Royal Navy

Far up in the stretches of night; night splits and the dawn breaks loose;
I, through the terrible novelty of light, stalk on, stalk on;
Those great sea-horses bare their teeth and laugh at the dawn.

W.B. Yeats, High Talk

Sid spends another pleasant evening at Aynsford.

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 As temperatures warm, plants respond.  But wildflowers are leafing out only one week earlier, while trees are leafing out two weeks earlier.  That means less light for the spring ephemerals.

Looking for Recs!

22 February 2019 04:08 pm
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Hi F-list!

As some of you already know, I have to go for pretty major surgery in a couple of weeks which will keep me grounded for at least two more weeks after that. No exercise except walking once I feel up to it, and I'll probably be cooped up in my apartment a lot. (Good news is I got my biopsy results this morning and they are normal). Which means I will need to find ways to keep myself occupied. Writing would work of course and I will actually have time for it, but I may not be feeling up to it. We'll see.

Sooo, I would love to get recs from people!

Fics: I would love recs for long plotty fics in any of my go-to fandoms. I've downloaded a bunch of things already but looking to have as much reading material as possible. Tropes I love: road trips, chosen/found families, angst with a happy - or at least happy-ish - ending, women being awesome, casefic, character studies, well-done canon divergence (especially if it fixes bad series endings). Go-to fandoms right now are Killing Eve, Star Trek (TOS, TNG), Hey Arnold!, Forever Knight, other stuff listed in my interests, but I read across a variety of TV, movie, and book fandoms, so I'm really open to revisiting a known fandom I haven't thought about in a while too. If there's a fic you love in a new-to-me fandom I would love to hear about it! Maybe I'll get into some new fandoms.

TV/Movies: I work long hours a lot of the time so there are a lot of new series I haven't seen yet. I'm all caught up on Season 1 of Killing Eve and can't wait for Season 2 to start in April. I've watched the first episode of Russian Doll, which I really liked, and I'm saving the rest of the episodes to binge-watch while I'm stuck in for the first few days. That's about it for current stuff I've seen, so any suggestions for Netflix series, etc. would be great.

Thank you!

Stress-free Learning

22 February 2019 03:42 pm
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Amazingly, people learn better and faster when they are not stressed and miserable.  Education should therefore aim to promote relaxation and minimize stress, for more effective learning and better health.  This is sort of obvious, but most teaching programs prefer to make students miserable.

Sleep and Health

22 February 2019 03:02 pm
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This study shows mechanisms by which sleep enables the immune system to fight off infections.  Flip that around, and it tells how sleep deprivation kills people.  Consider that most people don't get enough sleep, and it is not protected, in modern society and you can see why people are sick.

Comparing Climate by City

22 February 2019 02:58 pm
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One study compared climate by city to map climate change. To see how your home town will change, this page compares it to a current city whose climate is like what yours will be in the future.  In central Illinois, for example, Champagne will be like Jonesboro, Arkansas is now -- somewhat warmer and considerably drier.  O_O

An unfortunate collision of schedules:

22 February 2019 12:38 pm
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The weight training program I try to follow goes something like 'cardio Sunday, full body strength work Monday, cardio Tuesday, upper body work Wednesday, lower body work Thursday, cardio Friday, full body Saturday'. So yesterday involved the first serious weight training I'd done for my thigh muscles since I got sick.

The Gladiator challenge goes 'punches day 1, one arm planks day 2. Lunges day 3'.

The thirty day wall sit challenge goes up by ten seconds per day, except for every fourth day, where you only do 20 seconds.

Today was a day of stiff quads from yesterday's workout. And it was also a cardio day on which I chose to climb 34+ floors of building for my cardio. And it was the lunge day for the gladiator challenge- and then forty seconds day for the wall sits.

Apparently I am a moron.

(no subject)

22 February 2019 07:30 am
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Been watching Star Trek on Netflix streaming for a little while now. Only a few episodes so far- last night was The Naked Time.

The Man Trap and Charlie X were significantly better than I remembered them being. Both in terms of the writing, and in terms of the acting.

Where No Man Has Gone Before, on the other hand... um. Wow. Not only was the writing worse than I remembered, and the acting weirder- particularly the actress who played Liz Dehner's- I spent most of the episode wincing and muttering 'that HAS to hurt' every time Dehner or Mitchell had silver eyes on screen- the silver contact lenses were that distracting, and poor Gary Lockwood was holding his head and eyelids in ways that I recognized as signs of 'I am wearing hard contacts and would like to claw my eyes out, please'. His lines being profoundly not great didn't help much, either.

And for some reason, one of the only two things I remembered from previous watchings was wrong... it did not end with Dehner distracting him and overloading a phaser to destroy them both while he was weakened. I don't know why I remember that.

(The only other thing I remembered was the most important line, although I had its verb slightly wrong. Above all else a god requires compassion, Mitchell!)

At least The Naked Time was good stuff again after that.
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Masterlist of Dandelion posts

Time for Jiyeon, the cute, affectionate little kitten! Wait, sorry, the adult man pretending to be a cute, affectionate little kitten.

Still deciding how I feel about this one, but it was certainly something.

Content notes: rape threats, and...idk? I just have this weird feeling about some stuff?

Read more... )

How Climate Change Causes Violence

22 February 2019 05:27 am
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 I'm pleased to see someone else pointing out these connections.

Eating and Running

22 February 2019 02:50 am
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Some people have digestive issues when they exercise. This study reveals that dietary changes can relieve that. It also suggests why some energy gels cause cramps: they often contain disaccharides and monosaccharides.


22 February 2019 01:53 am
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Bench overlooking water.

Every park with water should have benches looking over the water.