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Now that the archive is live, we can see that there are 50 stories tagged "Dark Agenda Challenge".
This is awesome! Everyone who participated, rock on!

We bet, though, that there are actually a lot more stories (well, or at least some more) that qualify for the challenge, but whose authors for one reason or another didn't end up tagging them as such.

So as you read and leave feedback, please leave a comment suggesting that the author tag their fic to help other readers find it.

You can also bookmark and/or rec fics at AO3, and if you use the "Dark Agenda Challenge" tag while doing so, it will make it much easier for us to add those stories to the collection we plan to set up.

Do feel free to crosspost lists of Dark Agenda fic recs to this comm. If you have one or two amidst a bunch of others, there will be a post up in a few hours where you can comment with your recs, and we will edit them into a master list.

Thank you very much, all of you who have participated so enthusiastically in this community and challenge!
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Your mod wishes to apologise profusely for letting her own yuletide panic lead her to forgetting to make this announcement until [personal profile] gloss very sensibly brought it up:

We'd love it if you could take your fic with "Dark Agenda Challenge" in the AO3 archive so that we can find it. In addition, please use the "Chromatic Source" and/or "Chromatic Character" tags to let us know which aspect of the challenge your story answers.

Also, there should be a range of tags such as "Hindu Character" "Muslim Character" "Jewish Character" "Desi Character" "Asian Character" "Character of Color" etc that you can use to provide specificity and also help other enthusiasts find your fic.

We will probably set up a formal "Dark Agenda Collection" at AO3 to which you can add your stories, but that will be in the future after certain people like me have stopped being eaten by the Yuletide bears.