9 August 2012

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For nominations:
  • Each participant may nominate up to five (5) fandoms and from each fandom, up to 10 characters or persons;
  • The fandom must be from a source that a) contains chromatic characters or people and b) is produced by chromatic creators;
  • The fandom must also meet our rarity policy of: a) less than 1,500 English-language stories on major multifandom archives, b) less than 15,000 artworks, 100 podfics and 350 vids (in any languages) on major multifandom archives, c) no dedicated fandom-specific challenge that has run annually for more than two years in a row, and d) no dedicated fandom-specific archive or community that has more than 1,500 fanworks;
  • The characters or persons nominated must also identify or be coded, in cases of fictional characters, as a chromatic character or person.
Nominations this year will start 2012 August 9 around 9:00 P.M. PDT (U.S.A.) and will be held on Archive of Our Own (AO3) using its tags set feature. As a result, participants will need an account on AO3.

If you don't have an AO3 account at AO3 and would like to participate in Kaleidoscope, please leave your email address on our Archive of Our Own Invite List for Kaleidoscope form. We'll try our best to ensure that you'll receive an invitation for the challenge or offer alternatives to participating, e.g. [community profile] dark_agenda acting as a proxy for participants.

How to submit nominations for Kaleidoscope )

How to review and edit nominations for Kaleidoscope )

How to navigate the nominations list for Kaleidoscope )

Happy nominating, doers of darkness!

If you have any questions or encounter any trouble while submitting, editing or otherwise navigating your nominations or the main nominations list, please leave a comment at this post, email us at darkadmn AT gmail DOT com or PM [livejournal.com profile] darkadmn/[personal profile] dark_administrator.

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From 2012 August 9, 9:00 PM Pacific Time U.S.A. to 2012 August 23, 9:00 PM Pacific Time U.S.A., you can nominate up to five (5) qualifying fandoms at:

Kaleidoscope 2012 Nominations on Archive Of Our Own (AO3)

We have put together Kaleidoscope nominations tutorial with more detailed instructions on how to enter your nominations.

Although you do not have to commit to participating Kaleidoscope in order to nominate, we ask that you enter nominations only if you're contemplating signing up for the exchange.

Today also marks the beginning of our Promotion Week, running from 2012 August 9, 9:00 PM Pacific Time (U.S.A.) to 2012 August 15, 9:00 PM Pacific Time (U.S.A.). Please share your favorite chromatic fandoms and characters, while people are deciding on their nominations!

If you would like to further promote our challenge, here are some banners and templates you could cut & paste: )

Happy nominating and promoting, doers of darkness! Happy International Day of the World's Indigenous People & National Women's Day as well!

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