26 September 2012

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Hello, doers of darkness, we are more than one week into the assignments period and with three submissions so far! For those of us who are still working on our assignment, how are you feeling about it? Are any of you considering the fandoms that you didn't get matched on? Do you need help finding canon materials? For those of us who are finished, congratulations! Are you contemplating Kaleidoscope Treats? Feel free to flail and comment anonymously in the comments!

To note, if you're interested in participating in Kaleidoscope, but did not sign-up, we welcome submissions for Kaleidoscope Treats from now until October 26 or later! )

If you signed up for Kaleidoscope as a participant, you should have received an email with information about file hosting options. )

If you are planning on creating a mix for your Kaleidoscope assignment or as a Kaleidoscope Treat, please note that we have received information from the AO3 Support team that currently AO3 does not allow mixes consisting of download links or embedded streaming, unless they fall into one of the following exceptions. )

In addition, here is a list of useful resources for Kaleidoscope participants, pinch-hitters, and anyone considering Kaleidoscope Treats. )

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