9 September 2012

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Doers of darkness, this is a friendly reminder that the deadline to sign up for this year's Kaleidoscope challenge is September 15 at 9:00PM Pacific Time! Once again, you can sign-up at Sign Up For Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange 2012, and our tutorial provides information about the sign-up process. You'll need an AO3 login, but if you don't have an account, please leave your email address at Archive of Our Own Invite List for Kaleidoscope and we'll make sure you will have an invite for sign-ups.

We have 19 participants signing up and ~77 fandoms requested and/or offered so far. )

We would love to see more participants signing up and more fandoms being offered and requested! So we ask for your help in promoting the challenge in your own social and/or journaling platform, in any existing and emerging fannish communities of which you may be part and in any spaces you think would be interested in participating in a challenge celebrating chromatic sources, characters and people:

Dreamwidth Template )

LiveJournal Template )

Tumblr Template )

Twitter Template )

Lastly, if you already posted your Dear Doer of Darkness Letter, please link it here and we'll compile a list of Dear Doer of Darkness letters for this year.

Thank you, doers of darkness!

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